Stats on TodoMVC
Agiiity ~4K
58 html
181 js

ng-perf/ng 68k gzipped
 -browser MUST complete this download before rendering page.
 -Scripts block parallel downloads also.
 -no progressive rendering
 -javascript required
 -page doesn't display
72 html
PERF 125 js
NORMAL 98 js

app.js 1
services/todoStorage.js 15
directives/todoBlur.js 11
directives/todoFocus.js 15
PERF controllers/todoCtrl.js 83
NORMAL controllers/todoCtrl.js 56

backbone 5.6k
67 html
267 js

app.js 6
views/app.js 106
views/todo.js 76
router.. 20
models/todo.js 21
collections/todo 38

ember 37k
77 html
336 js
New implementation will be around 100 loc...

router.js 44
app.js 13
views/todo.js 47
views/application.js 82
models/todo.js 14
models/store.js 60
controllers/entries.js 58
controllers/todos.js 18

56 html
152 js

vanilla js
37 html
242 js

meteor 64.89k uniquely generated js (can't cdn)
app.js 162
app.html 62

derby 652 uniquely generated bytes 
       -could use, 16.3kb, 
        includes a JSON.parse & stringify methods
       -however SockJS is 9k.
58 html
79 js

ui/index.js 12
src/todos/index 64
src/server/queries 3
  I didn't include the other src/server files b/c they
  are auto-generated... basically this is library code
  but it's externally exposed for convenience

Going pro with padmapper

Despite finding a place with PadMapper several times, there are some awesome features I’ve never tried. Check these out:

Street view:

screenshot of streetview tab!

Hide from Map & Favorites:

Hide from map screenshot

I know these will definitely further streamline my apartment hunt!

Better strict mode enclosure pattern

Yahoo has a solid blog post about javascript’s strict mode here:

I’ve realized some nice improvements on this, which have also been reflected in my extension-include library.


Then, you can have variables globally available, but, if need be, this code can be further wrapped in another scope to wrangle these variables. This is much better than window.variable declarations, because the globalness can be controlled without digging into the code.